Women's Rights Are Human Rights Poster

Women's Rights Are Human Rights Poster

Joshua Mauldin

100% of profits go to Planned Parenthood!

Inspired by the title of one of Hillary Clinton's speeches and used at the Women's March in Charlotte on January 21, 2017.  

So many expressed interest in this poster during and after the march that I'm printing a special, silkscreened version. It's an 18x24 3-color poster on French SmartWhite paper.

The poster is inspired by the timeless Globe-era posters, America, and strong women everywhere.

About Ordering

If we can get at least 30 orders, we'll print them! (Otherwise, the project won't succeed and everyone gets their money refunded.)

You read that right: all profits go to Planned Parenthood in support of women getting the treatment they deserve.

We need at least 30 orders before February 10 to break even and make a donation. We can do it with your help, so please spread the word!

Along the way, I'll provide updates, photos, and a smaller version of the poster you can print yourself!

This product is not currently for sale.

An 18x24 poster